Mereka Pernah Diorbitkan Alm Olga Syahputra, Ternyata Ada Yang Bagai Kacang Lupa Kulitnya - Loh kok gini ?

Mereka Pernah Diorbitkan Alm Olga Syahputra, Ternyata Ada Yang Bagai Kacang Lupa Kulitnya

As far as diets go, there are many and varied types of diets touting different properties and making different claims. But of all the properties that such diets may have, for now only one really interests us. The ability of a diet to have anti-diabetic qualities. In other words, to either serve in preventing diabetes or help in managing it. Of the several diets claiming to help sufferers do this, The DASH and The Biggest Loser diets are two prominent examples. These have been tried and found to actually live up to their billing. In my research, the Engine 2 diet comes a close third with regards to efficacy in both prevention and management of diabetes. Premised on the belief that a low-fat, non-meat, "plant strong" diet can prevent and or reverse diseases of affluence, diseases- diabetes included, caused by the standard American diet, the diet strikes a vegan pose but with a twist-cut out vegetable oils too. This according to Rip Esselstyn is necessary because according to him, they strip the plant of nutrients leaving in its place calories and saturated fats. The diet offers two levels of uptake. The fire fighter or Fire Cadet. Whereas deciding that you are a Firefighter means the cutting out of all animal products, vegetable oils and processed foods from ones diet-an immediate lifestyle overhaul, the fire cadet approach is geared towards easing you into the diet change and is also known by the name- the 28-Day Challenge. This you may say is all good, but does the diet actually help with preventing or managing diabetes. Well this are the facts before us. One, since as with most vegetarian diets, it helps with weight reduction and since being overweight is a great risk factor for Type 2 diabetes, it is certainly on that score diabetes preventive. On the other hand as far as control is concerned, eating a low-fat vegan diet has been evidenced to help control or even reverse diabetes. Indeed, the results of a 2006 Diabetes Care publication which studied over a course of 22 weeks, 99 diabetics on a low-fat vegan diet is quite revealing. The 99 were divided into two groups. Forty nine persons were placed on a low-fat vegan diet in which portion size, calories and carbs were unlimited. On the other hand, the other group of fifty were made to follow the 2003 dietary guidelines of the American Diabetes Association which stipulated that 15 to 20 percent of calories be from protein, 60 to 70 percent be from carbs and less than 7 percent from saturated fat. When the two were later compared, it was found that, in the Vegan group 43 percent were able to reduce their diabetes medication as against 26 percent for the other. In addition to that, those of the vegan group lost an average of 13 pounds in contrast to the average weight loss of 9 pounds among those on the ADA diet. Furthermore, it was found that the vegan diet followers had their A1C hemoglobin more substantially lowered. Indicating that the diet was more helpful in managing their diabetes. As such the conclusion that one can draw here is that the Engine 2 diet is also another good diet for diabetics and that it is one that all things considered they can opt for. Article Source:

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