Penumpang Heran, Kok Drivernya Lama & Saat Bertemu Ia Menangis, Ternyata Dia Adalah - Loh kok gini ?

Penumpang Heran, Kok Drivernya Lama & Saat Bertemu Ia Menangis, Ternyata Dia Adalah

Diabetes. A Personal View I am always left wondering by the world's apathy to Diabetes. The latest figures for Diabetes in the USA alone show that just under 30 million people have a Diabetes diagnosis. The figures also show that a further 80 million people are in a Prediabetic state, and therefore likely to move on to Type 2 or Type 1 Diabetes. The figures are scary enough, but I wonder why the authorities and society in general are not doing more to stem this tide of disease. Could it be that society is built on money from the food outlets that are peddling so many of the things that do us harm? Could it be that because society demands everything it eats to be cheap that companies are unable to put decent, non-fat, healthy ingredients in to their products because of the expense? Could it be that it is easier for parents to let their kids sit in front of a TV playing games rather than encouraging them to get out a be part of a physical activity? The advance of Diabetes is undeniable and the options for us to redress the advance are at our fingertips. So why are we not doing it? Is it because it is too easy? Is it because medicine will be able to control our problem if it actually comes to fruition? After all it is quite difficult to eat a big greasy cheese burger and think about the likelihood of having your foot amputated! But that is the outcome for too many people! Health education is catching up to our kids and telling them from a young age what foods are best for them and how to avoid things such as Diabetes. But education is a slow process. The good thing is that Diabetes itself is usually a slow process so things can be done in time to prevent the problem. But be assured that because it is slower than things such as cancers that it should be treated no less importantly. Losing limbs, cardiovascular disease and becoming bed ridden are the likely outcomes of a serious encounter with Diabetes. It is not all doom and gloom as there are many fantastic organizations around the world who give expert advice and help on Diabetes and the problems it causes. They should be applauded and helped to do more. The epidemic of Diabetes around the world can and should be eradicated. Good education and sensible eating seem to be good places to start. Article Source:

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