Keramas Itu Seharusnya Pagi Atau Malam Hari? Banyak Orang Salah Melakukannya! Hati-hati, Nanti Kena Penyakit Ini Lho - Loh kok gini ?

Keramas Itu Seharusnya Pagi Atau Malam Hari? Banyak Orang Salah Melakukannya! Hati-hati, Nanti Kena Penyakit Ini Lho


Being a diabetic does not mean a completely sober life, with no place for parties at all. Even a diabetic can relish his or her occasional drink, but with the caveat that he or she would adhere to the limit. Alcohol increases the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level) significantly. For somebody whose diabetes is well under control, a bit of alcohol is permissible during or after meals. Despite alcohol impacting the blood sugar level, diabetics can still enjoy their drinks if they know how to go about it. It is better to consult an expert if a diabetic wants to drink occasionally. The advice of an expert or approaching a rehab facility like the alcohol treatment centers should be helpful. Impacts of alcohol on diabetes It is important to understand how alcohol would affect a diabetic before settling down for a drink. Listed below are some possible impacts of drinking on diabetics: Moderate consumption of alcohol increases the sugar level in the blood. But on the contrary, excessive consumption of alcohol may also sometimes deplete it to a dangerous level. Alcohol often whets the appetite, causing a person to overeat, which in turn increases the sugar level. Beer and sweet wine contain carbohydrates which are capable of raising the sugar level in the blood. Consuming alcohol clouds one's judgment which may lead to gorging on food which are not diabetic friendly. Alcohol may also counter the effects of oral diabetes medicine and insulin. Alcohol also raises blood pressure. Alcohol affects the functioning of the liver. Instead of regulating the blood sugar level, its normal job, the liver of a drinker has to deviate and overwork in removing alcohol from the blood. That is why one should specially avoid drinking when the blood glucose is already low. Precautions for diabetics who love to drink Taking precautions and heeding to an expert's advice can allow a diabetic whose blood sugar is well under control to enjoy his or her drink to some extent. Adopting a few simple steps can ensure that a diabetic safely enjoys occasional drinks: Never drink on an empty stomach: Drinking on an empty stomach is an absolute no for diabetics. It leads to an increase of alcohol in the blood stream. Moreover, binge drinking should be strictly avoided and substituting meals with alcohol. Set the right limit: It is not good to consume more than two drinks of alcohol for men and one drink for women diabetics. One should always consume alcohol with food and at a very slow pace. Sugary drinks and concocting with other sweet drinks and cordials should be completely avoided Article Source:

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