Gak Sombong Kayak Banyak Artis Baru Ngetop, Penyanyi Ini Tampil Gratis Di Hajatan Kecil! - Loh kok gini ?

Gak Sombong Kayak Banyak Artis Baru Ngetop, Penyanyi Ini Tampil Gratis Di Hajatan Kecil!

What Is Diabetes Diabetes is caused by various factors that result in non production or reduced production of insulin by the body. In some cases, blood sugar levels may rise due to excess production of sugar by the liver. Gymnedine reactivates beta cells in pancreas to increases production of insulin and this allows the body cells to optimally absorb sugar and keep healthy. Some Effects Of Diabetes On Our Body - Uncontrolled diabetes first attacks our eyes and causes retinopathy or damage to retina of the eye. - High sugar levels in our bodies may cause kidney disorders or failure. - Diabetes may lead to Myopathy, a medical condition in which muscle fibers do not work, leading to muscular weakness. This may reduce sensation in many parts of the body and when a person gets injured, he might not know about the injury for a very long time. Some Very Basic Facts About Diabetes - In treatment of diabetes, the first discourse is to normalize or control the blood sugar levels. - Therefore, to control blood sugar levels in the body, gymnedine has two distinctive herbs- gymnema sylvestre, (gur-mar or merasingi) and momordica charantia (karvella). After researching these herbs, their effectiveness is further enhanced through a process which lasts for fifteen days. - These herbs not just normalize the blood sugar levels in our bodies but also enhance the effectiveness of insulin. Insulin - Essential To Control Blood Sugar Levels In Our Bodies - Insulin is a hormone secreted by beta cells present in the pancreas. As soon as our bodies' blood sugar levels spike, beta cells respond by releasing the stored insulin and simultaneously producing insulin. - Human body is made up of innumerable cells. To effectively carry on with their functionality, these cells need energy and they receive this energy from glucose. - Carbohydrates, a substance present in our food converts to glucose after digestion of food. This glucose mixes with blood and reaches every part of our body. - However to ensure that glucose present in bloodstream reaches cells, insulin is essential. Insulin is produced in islets of Langerhans which are present in the pancreas and beta cells present in these islets create insulin. - Beta cells store insulin and release the same when quantity of glucose in our blood stream reaches a level higher than normal. Under normal circumstances, if an individual is free from diabetes, within half a minute, production and secretion of insulin takes place as soon as the glucose levels in the blood stream reach a level higher than normal. Gymnedine - a 100% Ayurvedic remedy to increase effectiveness of insulin - Gymnedine, a 100% Ayurvedic formulation controls blood sugar levels in our bodies and enables a person to get over diabetes. Alternately, Gymnedine increases efficacy of insulin and gradually reactivates insulin forming beta cells. Herbs used in Gymnedine that prevent, regulate and control diabetes To control blood sugar levels in the body, Gymnedine has two distinctive herbs- gymnema sylvestre, (gur-mar) and momordica charantia (karvella) are used. - Gymnema sylvestre is an herb extensively used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine and its Hindi name is gur-mar, which literally means sugar destroyer. Molecules of gymnemic acid, an active ingredient present in Gymnema sylvestre have a distinctive shape which is similar to that of glucose. Owing to their shape, these molecules fill up cell receptors of intestines and this prevents intake of sugar molecules. Alternately, Gymnema sylvestre prevents storage of fat in our bodies by enabling one to overcome cravings for sweets. If the herb is consumed while taking a high carbohydrate meal or a meal high in sugar, more carbohydrates are made available for metabolism. As carbohydrates can't be stored as fat, these allow a person to build lean muscle mass and have a shapelier appearance. - Momordica charantia, an age old Ayurvedic remedy has extensively been used for treatment of high blood glucose levels among many other ailments. It is vine considered to be most bitter among all fruits and vegetables and edible part of this vine is known as bitter melon, bitter gourd or as karela in Hindi. Anti diabetic properties are exhibited by at least three active substances within the fruit. These include charatin which is known to decrease blood sugar levels in our bodies, vicine and polypeptide-p. Polypeptide-p is a compound that has the same effect on our brain as insulin and works by suppressing appetite to correspondingly decrease blood sugar levels. These substances have a combined effect that increases uptake of glucose and enhances glycogen synthesis in liver, muscle and adipose tissue. They also improve glucose tolerance and regulate diabetes through mechanisms that include insulin secretion and glucose oxidation. Article Source:

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