Bantu Ruben Onsu, Ivan Gunawan Juga Diteror Makhluk Halus - Loh kok gini ?

Bantu Ruben Onsu, Ivan Gunawan Juga Diteror Makhluk Halus

Diabetes is one of the most evil diseases that has victimised a huge number of people. In today's world you will find every alternate number of people suffering from diabetes. Sadly, the children are not spared from this deadly evil. The reason attributed can be over exposure to junk foods with little to no heavy physical activity or exercise. Medical science says that most people who have type 2 diabetes have to undergo Bariatric surgery. Now what actually causes type 2 diabetes? What is Type 2 Diabetes? In type 2 diabetes, the insulin produced inside the body are either not used properly or become unbearable to the body. That is why this extra glucose can't enter the blood cells. Automatically the body gets damaged due to this dysfunction. Consuming junk food, stress or lack of physical activity can lead to this dysfunction. This often results in obesity and the potent solution is a weight loss surgery. What are the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes? The symptoms of type 2 diabetes are many. One may suffer from excess thirst and hunger, frequent urination, low vision, sagging skin, obesity or weight loss etc. While other symptoms can be healed by medicines, obesity is something which cannot be tamed easily. Medical and health experts have found a solution in Bariatric surgery which is a type of weight loss surgery, an instant remedy for severely obese figure. Bariatric Surgery to cure Type 2 Diabetes Bariatric surgery is prescribed to those who can't lose weight by conventional means like dieting and exercising. In this weight loss surgery, the size of the stomach is reduced through removing a portion of it which will automatically reduce the hunger pangs as well as the amount of food intake. The Food and Drug Administration suggested the use of an Adjustable Gastric Band for the patients suffering from diabetes along with Bariatric surgery. The surgery is often considered to be a good alternative to using weight loss pills. The Bariatric surgery to promote weight loss and prevent type 2 diabetes is of many types named gastric bypass surgery, jejunoileal surgery also known as illial interposition, sleeve gastrectomy, etc. Bariatric surgery can either be open type which involves the traditional methods of cutting the stomach or modern laparoscopic treatment. In laparoscopic weight loss surgery, the surgeon slit a small portion of the stomach, inserts the apparatus inside the stomach along with a camera which sends images to the monitor kept in the front. Laparoscopy has become the ideal treatment option of our times, because it doesn't involve a major cut which means less tissue damage and faster repair. However, depending on the complexity of the situation which involves health complications like heart or lungs disease, excessive weight, an open weight loss surgery is advisable. Are there any side-effects? Although there is no such side-effect of weight loss surgery, but in some circumstances, bleeding, leaks from the intestine, any infection or blood clots may happen. Bariatric surgery may affect the lungs and heart in a long way. Although doctors say that the chance of having these kinds of adverse effects of weight loss surgery is very less and can happen to the patients who don't take the medicines on time. In some cases, a nervousness problem may occur. Hernias, problem in metabolic activities are also visible although in lesser amounts. That is why health experts pressurise on having a timely, nutritional diet from a very young age which automatically results in control of weight and prohibits the occurrence of diabetes. By this, you won't have to undergo any weight loss surgery. Article Source:

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