Asli Dari Indonesia, Inilah Nenek Paling Cantik Di Dunia Yang Di Kutuk Tidak Bisa Tua - Loh kok gini ?

Asli Dari Indonesia, Inilah Nenek Paling Cantik Di Dunia Yang Di Kutuk Tidak Bisa Tua

Watching the obese people in shopping centers and elsewhere as they gorge themselves on fat and sugar is upsetting. Don't they realise that they are risking diabetes, which is an insidious disease with no known cure? Those who love sweet food and are pouring it in like water have a lot to learn. They are not to blame, however, as the fast food industry is treating them as 'money cows' and like any drug sugar is addictive and hard to give up. When the doctor told me a few years ago that my blood sugar levels were high and reaching the early warning signs of diabetes it was a shock that led to a lifestyle change. As a writer who sits for long periods my weight was creeping up and my addiction to chocolate was a worry. Talking it over with the man who delivered this news, however, was a gift from God. He informed me that when you stop taking sugar in the craving for it goes away. That has proven to be the case and now anything like chocolate, ice-cream, lollies, and even fruits of a certain type, such as mangoes, are off-limits. So why others are not able to see this and change their life-style to lose weight and defeat the threat of such a serious condition worries me. Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe it commissioned me to tear down the wall of blindness. It filled me with knowledge and power and many have been healed of various conditions when led to them. But they need to see that they are the ones who must change. Ignorance is part of the problem and cancer of the liver can result from that organ becoming 'fatty', which happens in overweight people. When sent to the hospital to visit people the Spirit led me to many diabetic patients who had lost limbs because of diabetes. It can also result in blindness and other things that are equally as devastating. Those at risk need to wake up and the manufacturers of the food that is highly dependent on sugar should be taken to task as the cigarette manufacturers are, especially in Australia. Here there is now a discussion about a 'sugar tax' to raise awareness of what people are consuming. The bottom line, however, is still overindulgence and poor judgment. Article Source:

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