5 Sumber Kekayaan Maia Estianty, No. 5 Nggak Akan Ada Matinya, Bikin Iri Mulan Jameela? - Loh kok gini ?

5 Sumber Kekayaan Maia Estianty, No. 5 Nggak Akan Ada Matinya, Bikin Iri Mulan Jameela?

Type 2 diabetes is never an invasive disease; it develops slowly, and the symptoms are noted gradually often going unnoticed. However, the symptoms can be easily be mistaken for another health complication. For instance, the feeling of fatigue can easily be viewed as a sign of stress or aging. Conversely, a dry mouth and thirst easily overlooked especially is the weather is hot and dry. It is important to understand that any sign of bodily changes that affect your way of life should be checked and treated accordingly. In the case of type 2 diabetes, the signs and symptoms can be of a wide range; however, all of them are closely associated with high blood sugar or low insulin levels. Some of the most notable symptoms of this blood sugar health issue include: • Excessive urination Excessive urination occurs as the blood glucose level increase causing your body to respond by diluting the blood to pull the excess glucose from the bloodstream. Instead of re absorbing the glucose as it should, the body triggers the kidneys work overtime, discharging the high amounts of glucose from your body in the form of urine. The two responses lead to high loss of fluids through urination. • Thirst As the body seeks to get rid of the glucose by increasing the rate urination, the body is put on a slow dehydration path that will make you thirsty thus making you drink a lot of water. Opting to drink any sugary liquids will only make worsen the situation. • Dry mouth If you are thirsty, then have a mouth that feels dry is inevitable, and all is because of the excessive urination. • Fatigue The feeling of fatigue occurs as your body cells experience a drop in insulin levels; they need the insulin to fuel their function. Insulin supports the supply of glucose to your cells thus ensuring that your body never runs on empty. • Hunger With fatigue comes the feeling of hunger, which happens as the cells start to demand more fuel because all the glucose is not going where it should; it just stays in the bloodstream. Just like when opting to take sugary water when feeling thirsty, eating will only worsen the condition. • Weight loss As the body start to battle with the low insulin levels, the lack of glucose in the cells means a low supply of the necessary calories. This and the dehydration through excessive urination will lead to a significant drop in body weight. • Blurry vision High blood sugar causes the lens in the eyes to swell and change shape distorting the focus that causing a blurry vision. • Increased risk of diseases and Infections The immunity levels will have a significant drop and the high sugar level in the bloodstream will be a good thing for fungi and bacteria to thrive. The slow blood circulation coupled with weakening white blood cells will render the body unable to put up the necessary defenses against disease infections. • Slow healing As the cells get deprived of glucose and in turn calories, they will not function at their optimal capacity. As such a cut, abrasion, or any wound will not heal as it should because the high blood sugar hampers the proper circulation of blood thus lowering oxygen supply to the tissues and cells. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9212780

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